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The Phocaeans, who inhabited a peninsula on the western coast of Asia Minor, and who were probably already engaged in overseas trade on a significant scale, founded the colony 36 archaic italy c. c. of Massilia (modern Marseilles) just east of the mouth of the Rhone River on the southern coast of France. This site controlled the flow of raw materials and manufactured goods between the Mediterranean and the less civilized Celtic tribes of the interior. It is generally supposed that the most valuable commodity the Celts had to offer Mediterranean merchants was tin from Cornwall in Britain, transported along the major rivers of France and across adjoining portage routes.

C. owed its uniformity in part to the migratory pattern characteristic of ancient Italian stockbreeding. C. the Bronze-Age civilizations of the eastern Mediterranean came to an abrupt end. The royal palaces of Pylos, Tiryns, and Mycenae in mainland Greece were destroyed by violence, and the Hittite kingdom that had ruled over Asia Minor was likewise swept away. The causes and reasons for this major catastrophe have long been debated without much scholarly consensus (see Drews 1993, 33–96). Apart from the archaeological evidence indicating the violent destruction of many sites, the only ancient accounts relating to this phenomenon come from Egypt.

For this issue in reference to the early inhabitants of the central Apennines. italy in prehistory 13 office building, and they therefore may not be representative of an entire society. Sometimes graves of a past people are discovered but not their place of residence. In other instances the foundations of their huts and hearths are unearthed but not their cemetery. Thus an excavated site may offer information about only certain aspects of the people’s lives. 3 Secondly, archaeology can only recover physical manifestations of a culture that have happened to survive in the particular soil or water conditions of a site, and what has perished may be as important in understanding a culture as what has survived.

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