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In this section we examine in detail the stress problem and a scheme for the stress-assigning rules. First, we wish to speculate on what the notion of stress in previous works might be formally based. Second, we shall make explicit our theory of stress, how it will be incorporated in the analysis, and what results it leads to. 32 PROBLEMS IN ITALIAN PHONOLOGY It is difficult to reconstruct a coherent notion of stress from any one published work. Our conclusion will be an interpretation of the various sources.

Notice incidentally that the extension of the lexical prediction range does not import consequent increase in grammatical machinery. Let us further consider liquids in list (2) parla Carlo Orlando tuorlo merlo ciarlatano, etc. They exhibit non-initial clusters of liquids (intervocalically, V V, and before derivational boundary, V +V). The generalization is that the segments adjacent to the cluster may be only vowels. The rule is as follows: MS2 [X] Γ-cnsl |_+vocJ inenv. Γ+cnsl (+) [_+vocj Every segment in such environment will be represented phonologically with the feature consonantality unspecified.

This choice seems advantageous in that it recognizes a regularity about the majority of lexical entries by a simple rule. Items in list (3)" will be lexically subcategorized as [+Greek z ]. MS4 will then apply only to items which are the complement of those marked [+Greek z ]. The appeal of this analysis is that the grammar will characterize the distinction between peculiarly Italian and acquired sound patterns. In addition, by treating, say, Greek loan words as a group, general rules can be isolated specifying which and how Greek distributional features are adopted in Italian.

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