By Alfred North Whitehead

ISBN-10: 1429700327

ISBN-13: 9781429700320

This quantity is made out of electronic photographs from the Cornell college Library historic arithmetic Monographs assortment.

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We note that Hl : [Fx]'= Fy is a subclass of the alternative H I : FX > Fy when y > 1. The power of a test is the probability of rejecting the null hypothesis when the alternative hypothesis is indeed true. From Eq. (n1- j ) ! (n2 -T)! (n1- j ) ! (n2 - T ) ! (n2 - T ) ! 86216 71 r = 2 from Es. 3. 5 MONTE CARL0 SIMULATION UNDER LOCATION-SHIFT ALTERNATIVE In order to assess the power properties of the precedence test, we consider the precedence test under the location-shift alternative HI : Fx(z)= F y ( z 0) for some 0 > 0, where 0 is a shift in location, along the lines of Nelson (1993).

X,,,,,) is given by [see Balakrishnan and Aggarwala (2000, p. 8) and Kamps (1995a,b)] + + . ~ X ~ : ~ : ~(zl:T:n, , ~ ~ ~ ',' X, x~T ::T :~n ); , , = n(n - R1- 1) . . (n- R1 - . . 2. 8. (i) The marginal distribution of Xi:,:, (for 1 5 i 5 T ) is free of Ri, Ri+l,. :,, * * . :,), for 1 5 i 5 T , form a progressively Type-I1 censored sample of size i from a sample of size n with the progressive censoring scheme (R1,. 2 - 1 , n - R1 - ' . ' - Ri-l - i). 9. The progressively Type-I1 censored order statistics {Xi:r:n}I=l from a continuous distribution form a Markov chain; that is, given Xi:r:n= Xj:,:, (for i < j 5 T ) is independent of XI:,:,, .

7 RANDOMIZED TEST 29 for any subset {ill* . , in,} of { 1 , 2 , . 9 . ,711 + 722). 60) where il Nw is the number + . . + in, + of subsets {ill . . ,in,} of {1,2,. . , n1 7 2 2 ) with = w. 60), we can determine the critical value s for a chosen level of significance a (as close to Q as possible since WR is a discrete random variable). As a matter of fact, these critical values and the exact levels of significance have been tabulated extensively by Wilcoxon, Katti, and Wilcox (1970), and they have been used in all the simulations in the subsequent chapters.

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