By Erwin Kreyszig

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The 10th version of this bestselling textual content contains examples in additional aspect and extra utilized workouts; either alterations are aimed toward making the fabric extra proper and available to readers. Kreyszig introduces engineers and desktop scientists to complex math issues as they relate to useful difficulties. It is going into the subsequent issues at nice depth differential equations, partial differential equations, Fourier research, vector research, complicated research, and linear algebra/differential equations.

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We can find this factor F(x) by Theorem 1 in the previous section or we can proceed directly, as follows. We multiply (1) by F(x), obtaining (1*) Fy r ϩ pFy ϭ rF. The left side is the derivative (Fy) r ϭ F r y ϩ Fy r of the product Fy if pFy ϭ F r y, pF ϭ F r . thus By separating variables, dF>F ϭ p dx. By integration, writing h ϭ ͐ p dx, ln ƒ F ƒ ϭ h ϭ Ύ p dx, F ϭ eh. thus With this F and h r ϭ p, Eq. (1*) becomes ehy r ϩ h r ehy ϭ ehy r ϩ (eh) r y ϭ (ehy) r ϭ reh. By integration, ehy ϭ Ύ e r dx ϩ c.

2 for notation), 0M 0 2u ϭ , 0y 0y 0x 0 2u 0N ϭ . 0x 0x 0y By the assumption of continuity the two second partial derivaties are equal. Thus (5) 0N 0M ϭ . qxd 7/30/10 8:15 PM 22 Page 22 CHAP. 1 First-Order ODEs This condition is not only necessary but also sufficient for (1) to be an exact differential equation. (We shall prove this in Sec. 2 in another context. ) If (1) is exact, the function u(x, y) can be found by inspection or in the following systematic way. From (4a) we have by integration with respect to x uϭ (6) Ύ M dx ϩ k(y); in this integration, y is to be regarded as a constant, and k(y) plays the role of a “constant” of integration.

7e3x. This is a particular solution. ᭿ Solution. More on Modeling The general importance of modeling to the engineer and physicist was emphasized at the beginning of this section. We shall now consider a basic physical problem that will show the details of the typical steps of modeling. Step 1: the transition from the physical situation (the physical system) to its mathematical formulation (its mathematical model); Step 2: the solution by a mathematical method; and Step 3: the physical interpretation of the result.

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