By Nicholas Bourbaki

ISBN-10: 0387193758

ISBN-13: 9780387193755

The English translation of the recent and improved model of Bourbaki's "Algèbre", Chapters four to 7 completes Algebra, 1 to three, by way of developing the theories of commutative fields and modules over a important excellent area. bankruptcy four offers with polynomials, rational fractions and gear sequence. a bit on symmetric tensors and polynomial mappings among modules, and a last one on symmetric features, were additional. bankruptcy five has been totally rewritten. After the fundamental conception of extensions (prime fields, algebraic, algebraically closed, radical extension), separable algebraic extensions are investigated, giving option to a bit on Galois concept. Galois conception is in flip utilized to finite fields and abelian extensions. The bankruptcy then proceeds to the research of basic non-algebraic extensions which can't frequently be present in textbooks: p-bases, transcendental extensions, separability criterions, normal extensions. bankruptcy 6 treats ordered teams and fields and in response to it truly is bankruptcy 7: modules over a p.i.d. stories of torsion modules, unfastened modules, finite kind modules, with purposes to abelian teams and endomorphisms of vector areas. Sections on semi-simple endomorphisms and Jordan decomposition were additional.

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3. H¨ older regularity Now we pass to prove the H¨ older continuity of Dir-minimizing Q-valued functions. 9 is indeed a simple consequence of the following theorem. 9. There exist constants α = α(m, Q) ∈]0, 1[ (with α = Q when m = 2) and C = C(m, n, Q, δ) with the following property. If f : B1 → AQ is Dir-minimizing, then [f ]C 0,α (Bδ ) = sup x,y∈Bδ 1 G(f (x), f (y)) ≤ C Dir(f, Ω) 2 |x − y|α for every 0 < δ < 1. 14). 10. Let f ∈ W 1,2 (Br , AQ ) be Dir-minimizing and suppose that g = f |∂Br ∈ W 1,2 (∂Br , AQ ).

6. 11. 22, estimating the size of the set of singular points with multiplicity Q. 11 follows then by an easy induction argument on Q. 22. Let Ω be connected and f ∈ W 1,2 (Ω, AQ (Rn )) be Dirminimizing. Then, either f = Q ζ with ζ : Ω → Rn harmonic in Ω, or the set ΣQ,f = {x ∈ Ω : f (x) = Q y , for some y ∈ Rn } (which is relatively closed in Ω) has Hausdorff dimension at most m − 2 and it is locally finite for m = 2. 55) σ(x) = card(supp f (x)). Note that σ is lower semicontinuous because f is continuous.

3 of [EG92]), there exists a Lipschitz function hλ : Ω → RN such that |{x ∈ Ω : ξ ◦ f (x) = hλ (x)}| ≤ 24 2. ALMGREN’S EXTRINSIC THEORY (C/λp ) ξ ◦ f erty. p W 1,p . 13 is that any Sobolev Q-valued map is approximately differentiable almost everywhere. 6 (Approximate Differentiability). A Q-valued function f is ap˜ ⊂ Ω containing proximately differentiable in x0 if there exists a measurable subset Ω ˜ x0 such that Ω has density 1 at x0 and f |Ω˜ is differentiable at x0 . 7. e. The approximate differential of f at x0 can then be defined as D(f |Ω˜ ) because ˜ With a slight abuse of notation, we will denote it by it is independent of the set Ω.

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