By William Shakespeare

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This variation is written in English. although, there's a working French glossary on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of variations of All's good That Ends good. This variation will be invaluable if

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Comes: vient. confirmation: confirmation. enter: entrer, entre, entrons, entrez, entrent, entres, introduire, entrer dans, inscrire, introduis, introduisons. healthful: salubre. indeed: vraiment, certes, en vérité, réellement, si, d'abord, en réalité, en effet, en fait, effectivement, voire. king: roi, dame. lead: plomb, conduire, mener, mène, menons, menez, mènes, conduisons, mènent, conduisent, conduisez. maid: femme de chambre, servante, domestique, bonne. thankful: reconnaissant. thy: ton. tooth: dent.

Triple: train triple, tripler, chambre pour trois personnes, câble téléphonique à trois conducteurs. 34 All's Well That Ends Well KING. I cannot give thee less, to be call'd grateful. % HELENA. What I can do can do no hurt to try, Since you set up your rest 'gainst remedy. He that of greatest works is finisher Oft does them by the weakest minister: So holy writ in babes hath judgment shown, When judges have been babes. Great floods have flown From simple sources; and great seas have dried When miracles have by the greatest been denied.

Majesty: majesté, seigneurie. neither: ni, personne, non plus, nul. profess: confesser, avouer, confessez, confessons, confesse, confesses, confessent, professer, professons, professe, professent. seldom: rarement. spend: dépenser, dépenses, dépense, dépensent, dépensez, dépensons, passer, passent, passes, passez, passons. thou: tu, vous, toi. traitor: traître. ways: glissière, façons. wings: coulisses, ailes. wonder: s'étonner, miracle, merveille, se demander. William Shakespeare 33 HELENA. The rather will I spare my praises towards him.

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